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Mobile Dog Grooming and Equine Supplies

For both your canine and equine requirements.

It's my pleasure to share my love of animals with everyone I meet, especially your pets!

Be assured that I will treat your pet as I would treat my own, with all of the playfulness they need.

My Story

Hi!  My name's Karen and I just love dogs, grooming dogs, looking after dogs and just about everything "canine" you can think of!


If you've got a dog you love pampering then you'll be able to relate, I'm sure.


Being mobile, means I come to you - which means less stress for your four-legged friend (unless of course your dog is one of those that just loooves going for a drive).  If you want your best friend to be treated with love, care and respect then we'll get along like a house on fire because that's my motto:


Give your pet the treatment it deserves! 

I also have a range of equine products.  Most horse owners have a dog or two so  my range of products are dual purpose for both canine and equine.

I groom small dogs and if it's not a full groom you need then I can give your dog a wash and blow dry or a top and tail only.  

My rates are very reasonable - I come to you which is less stressful on the dog and the owner.  I only groom one dog at a time so if your dog doesn't particularly like other dogs then this is the ideal solution.

All I need is access to power, water, somewhere relatively flat to park and I am good to groom.  You don't have to be home to use my services either - just leave me a power cord that is easily accessible or even an outdoor power point!


Got a question?


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