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Flea Control Cleansing Rinse


Naturally and effectively repel fleas with our Flea Control Cleansing Rinse.


We carefully formulated our Flea Control Cleansing Rinse to harness powerful, natural ingredients rather than harmful chemicals or pesticides - so it is safe for Pooch. On top of effectively repelling fleas, our Cleansing Rinse has been designed to clarify Pooch's skin and coat, ensuring Pooch is impeccably clean.


If your Pooch is suffering with fleas, switch their regular dog shampoo to our Flea Control Cleansing Rinse and, for best results, give Pooch a weekly application of our Flea Control Repellent.



Our bespoke Flea Control fragrance is a rich, bold unisex scent. Designed to blend in beautifully with Pooch's natural musk and leave Pooch smelling delectable (to you, but not to fleas!).